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Amazon Flashes of the day: deals and discounts for bargain hunters

Amazon’s flash offers can be found on the website as well as in the apps under the “Offers” menu item.)

Daily offers & promotions: The highlights

Every day, Amazon is attracted by a large number of bargains. There is also a lot of technology enthusiasts - from smartphones to SSDs to game consoles like the Xbox One or PS4. However, to be able to use the offers you have to be fast: the individual articles are only available in limited numbers at certain times.

Flashes of the day: Highlights

Here we present the Amazon flash offers of the day in the overview and point to the current highlights. You'll find the long-term Amazon offers in a list.

Amazon Blitzangebote: How it works

Lesetipp: Prime Instant Video - latest news


Please note: Amazon Prime customers will have 30 minutes early access to the limited time special offers! In addition, short-term changes to Amazon's flash offerings are possible.

There are constantly offers from different areas. We now show the highlights and then the regular flash offers.

Based on various factors such as our tests, buyer evaluations and the possible savings, we select our highlights among the Amazon flashes every day. These are our deal recommendations for today

Popular, low-cost GoPro alternative with 4K recording at 30 fps, touch display, electronic image stabilizer and app connectivity.

Gaming laptop with 15.6 inch display, Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 2TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics card and Windows 10 Home.

Powerline kit with WLAN adapter to extend the cover.

External RAID drive with dual Thunderbolt port - compatible with Apple Time Machine.

Multiroom - Sounddeck with integrated subwoofer, NFC, WLAN and USB port.

The Amazon flash offers start at the specified time. Then click "Add to Cart" to reserve the Blitzangebot product. Now you have 15 minutes to complete the purchase. If you leave this time, your reservation will be lost. Amazon is now collecting its own flashbacks on its own website.

Lesetipp: Warning! Amazon phishing with real data

If there is a lot of lightning, the available stock is quickly out of print - in some cases even within a few seconds. Then you still have the option to get on the Warteliste. In this way, depending on your queue space, you will be given the option to buy the Blitzangebot product as soon as a buyer breaks your order.

Chrome & Firefox: Browser tracking despite private mode

Despite disabled cookies, Internet users can be tracked by private surfing. This is shown by British IT consultant Sam Greenhalgh on his website. To do this, he abuses the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) method.

Originally, the HSTS method is used to guarantee secure use of the HTTPS protocol. This is done, for example, by automatically converting HTTP to HTTPS requests. In the course of the conversion, the site writes information such as the URL or preferences into a browser database.

Greenhalgh now showed that a unique identification of the browser is possible from the registered data via JavaScript. To do this, the URL entries are stored with a different validity period from browser to browser.

This allows the browser to be recognized the next time the site is visited - even if the user actually uses the private mode because the incognito mode also accesses the relevant HSTS entries

The issue is mainly affected by Google Chrome, which supports HSTS. Although Mozilla Firefox had the same problems at the time of Greenhalgh's analysis, the current version 34.0.5 does not access the data in private surfing anymore. Only the users of Internet Explorer remain spared, because they do not support HSTS at all.

Pentax K-5 – In the RAW test

The K-5 is equipped with a sensor cleaning system, a mechanical image stabilizer, sensitivities up to ISO 51 200, a powerful internal flash with a guide number of 12, a cable socket as well as a flash shoe for the connection of the K-5 External flash units, infrared receivers, full HD video, a SLR viewfinder with a 100% field of view and a 0.61x effective viewfinder image size, a high-resolution, but firmly installed 3-inch monitor and an additional LC display at the front for more ease of use. The only criticism: the range of lenses with ultrasound motor is less broad in the Pentax system than in the competition of Canon and Nikon.

The 11-point phase AF can have 9 cross sensors and can be switched on in live view mode, but this necessarily results in a "blackout" during the focus. The trip delay in the viewfinder operation is ok with 0.33 (1000 lux) and 0.49 s (30 lux).

Image quality

Despite the 2-megapixels on the sensor, the K-5 delivers only a slightly higher resolution than the sister model Kr: 1334 to 1472 LP / BH - okay, but certainly not outstanding in the RAW comparison

< Code>

Buying advice Nikon system: The DSLRs of the middle class D90, D7000 and D300s

Compared to the corresponding JPEG images, this means a resolution of 6 to 23%. As with the Kr, RAW can reduce the noise in the lower sensitivity range (RAW: 0.4 / 0.6 / 0.7 / 1.0 / 1.4 VN, JPEG: 0.8 / 1.1 / 1.1 / 1.3 / 1.7 VN to ISO 3200). As for the texture, there was not much to gain for the K-5: in the JPEG test, it showed a good fine-tuning (kurtosis 0.2 to ISO 1600), in the RAW format it can with Kurtosis 0.0 to 0.2 only minimally.

However, the K-5 can not hold the good 1026 LP / BH with which it scores with JPEG and ISO 100, and falls roughly to the level of the Kr (max 864 LP / BH). The dynamics are fine for RAW and a bit weaker than JPEG.

How to create distortion and vignetting

Download: Table

Conclusion The K-5 scores with a top picture quality, in particular with a very detailed signal processing in the JPEG process and an extremely balanced coordination. It can be forgotten that the resolution is not quite what we would have expected from this sensor. The change from JPEG to RAW primarily results in a noise reduction. Buytipp image quality!

The JPEG-based test of the Pantax K-5 can be found here.


Pentax K-5 RAW

Mufin player download

The free mufin player is more than just a player, because the software recognizes the sound of the played songs and automatically creates a playlist with matching music pieces. For this, the mufin player compares characteristic features such as tempo, rhythm or sound density and offers similar songs from your music archive in a playlist. The mufin player can import both iTunes libraries, as well as created playlists in iTunes and match. Also the social component is not missing the player. What music is especially popular with you, keep your friends informed about Facebook or Twitter. If the track is available on mufin.com, a link for listening will be automatically added. Or link tracks from your playlist with an existing Last.fm account.

Windows 10: Reset and update drivers

If a new driver for a particular device does not work properly, the easiest way to eliminate the problems is to return to the previous installation. In Windows Search, tap Device Manager at the bottom left, and then start the tool from the selection screen. Search for the driver problems in the list. Click the right mouse button and select Properties from the context menu. In the window that follows, go to the Drivers tab and use the Previous Drivers button. This works only if a previous version of the driver is already present. The function is also available in Windows 7 and 8.x.

The manual installation of new drivers works analogously via the same context menu with the item Update driver software. Find the drivers on the manufacturer's website. There you will find a guaranteed current version and make sure that the driver has not been manipulated. Some download sites on the Internet offer alternative versions that install malicious software in the background. Never use such packages. To detect the hardware, use the portable Speccy tool. Use the menu in the left window to display the information on the existing hardware components. These include the drives, graphics cards or the sound unit.

Notebook owners call up the Internet offerings of the manufacturer. Many vendors like Dell or Lenovo offer a special service. You can search for the appropriate drivers via the serial number of the device. The number is usually found on the back of the unit. Look carefully for the versions that are compatible with Windows 10. Most vendors provide these updates. Always search for the appropriate version of Windows: 32 or 64 Bit. You will also find the Speccy tool for information about the used Windows. Or you open the Windows Explorer and right-click on this PC. From the context menu, select Properties - and Windows displays the installed version in the window. This also works with Windows 7 or 8.x.

Load and unpack the drivers into a temporary directory. Go to the device manager and start the installation via the context menu of the device. In the following query, select Search for driver software from the computer. Navigate to the directory containing the files and confirm with the OK button. Windows searches for the appropriate driver.

The operating system includes all subdirectories. Confirm the selection and follow the instructions to complete the installation. Alternatively, use DriverMax Pro to search for and download driver updates.

Panasonic Lumix G3 – In the RAW test

It has a handy, 115 x 84 x 47 mm compact aluminum housing and costs around 500 euros. This makes it only slightly larger and significantly less expensive than the PEN, although it accommodates 480000 RGB pixels, 100% image coverage, and 0.7x effective magnification in contrast to the one integrated electronic viewfinder. The rotating and swiveling, touch-sensitive 3-inch monitor provides a decent preview with 153 333 RGB pixels.

Picture gallery

In addition, it reacts reliably and quickly to inputs, so that it actually benefits the operating comfort - especially since the G3 can also have the usual buttons and rotary wheels. Videos can be recorded with 1920 x 1080 pixels, 50 half images / s including stereo sound in AVCHD format (optional Motion JPEG). For automatic focusing, the G3 uses a contrast measurement on the image sensor and takes 23 points. In good light conditions (1000 Lux), it needed 0.32 in the test, 0.42 s average in darker 30 lux for arming and tripping.

Image Quality The high RAW resolution is striking. At the Panasonic, the detour via the RAW format and Lightroom above all a huge plus: a considerably higher resolution up to 2195 LP / BH. For comparison: With JPEG it is a maximum of 1590 LP / BH. The results of the Dead-Leaves measurements, which describe the appearance of coarse and uneven structures, are better in JPEG mode due to the stronger internal signal processing, but the G3 also needs to be up to 941 LP / BH in the RAW test not hide. The G3 with RAW still can push the G3 with a weak texture loss (through kurtosis 0.2). The downside: a comparatively strong visual noise (0.7 to 3.5 VN). However, the JPEG mode up to ISO 1600 provides almost the same VN values ​​and takes more effect only with ISO 3200 and 6400. In addition, the dynamics are reduced to as low as 8.0 as of ISO 400.

Download: Table

Conclusion: The Panasonic Lumix G3 is a mirrorless system camera more compact than SLRs and has in contrast to the Olympus PEN E-P3 a high-resolution, electronic viewfinder integrated. In the RAW test, it also achieves a very high resolution with which it can compete with the 24-megapixel SLR Alpha 65. At the same time, it keeps the texture loss low.

The JPEG-based test of the Panasonic G3 can be found here.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 RAW

Nintendo develops games for smartphones and tablets

It is officially released today: Nintendo is developing Nintendo games for smartphones and tablets together with the smartphone games developer DeNA. However, this should not be purely porting of existing video games from Nintendo. According to DeNA, new games are developed which are directly tailored to the functions of mobile devices. Since these new games are not to be based on well-known Nintendo franchises, it is presumed that Nintendo will publish spin-offs of known games for smartphones.

The video game giant promises itself from this step, to win new customers who are inspired by the smartphone games for the purchase of Nintendo handhelds or consoles. To this end, there is also a cross-platform service that is compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs and Nintendo devices. Launch of the "multi-device membership service" is planned for the autumn of 2017.

Although Nintendo had so far opposed to offer its games apart from its own consoles, the game maker now opens to the global smartphone market. This could be due to the unexpectedly poor sales figures of the Wii U and the handheld Nintendo 3DS, which so far were in competition with the mobile games for smartphones and tablets. In terms of gameplay, however, the transition to smartphone games for Nintendo does not appear to be too big. For example, the recently released puzzle game "Pokemon Shuffle" for the 3DS already has various features that are also good on smartphones and tablets Could be implemented.

Internet Explorer: New vulnerabilities – Mouse tracking via JavaScript

Internet Explorer has a security vulnerability that allows cybercriminals to spy the mouse movements of users. According to spider.io, a web service provider, who had already pointed out Microsoft’s security vulnerability in October, hackers could also intercept this on the screen keyboard. For example, PIN or TAN numbers could hack into the hands of hackers. The so-called mouse tracking is possible via JavaScript and works with any version of the Internet Explorer.

Apparently, Microsoft has ignored the problem to this day. On the blog, Internet Explorer developer Dean Hachamovitch announced on the 14th of December 2012 to fix the gap as soon as possible with a patch. It is still unknown when the corresponding update appears. The authors of spider.io claim that at least two companies are already exploiting the security gap for targeted advertising. As long as no update for Internet Explorer appears, we suggest alternative browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

SceneLights LB-2500.mini in the test

The SceneLights LB 2500 mini

The LB-2500.mini is a practical as well as flexible LED mini-camcorder for the jacket pocket, which is ready for use immediately thanks to the optional battery. It provides a resolution of 320x180 pixels and a brightness of 60 lumens. The beamer plays videos and displays pictures that are played via USB or a microSD card. As a canvas serves any light surface, a wall or the back of the aircraft seat in the row in front of you. The LED has an operating time of 20,000 hours, the power is supplied either by an optionally available battery or also directly from the socket.

The Beamer, which costs 49.90 euros at Pearl, weighs only 250 grams and is 118x84x44 millimeters small. It is delivered inclusive power supply, remote control, AV cable and American manual and produces a picture diagonal of up to 107 centimeters. The contrast ratio of the tiny is 500: 1